AM Comix NZ

Welcome to AMComix New Zealand!  Our goal is to bring exciting, original, high quality comics and graphic novels to you!  AMComix NZ also has expanded into the field of Children’s books, where parents can feel reassured their child is receiving age appropriate material.  Fun, healthy mind-food stories you can trust.

In a world where Comics  and Graphic Novels have turned “dark side” comes a lighter, old fashioned approach to real friendship, action, and adventure.  Liminal Space: A Graphic Novel is thought provoking, light-hearted, enjoyable, entertaining, and visually appealing.  Guaranteed to give you that “old comic book” reading experience that you remember!

Action, Adventure, Humor & Intrigue without the Gore.

A new series available now in e-book and print via AMComix NZ is called “Beddy-Byez Time Stories”. They are short, quirky, fun stories to read before bedtime or anytime.

Keep up to date with this new series here at the blog!

This Shape Becomes: The Art Detective is a fun filled, visually invoking journey through an art gallery, hot on the trail of a sneaky thief.  Alex Robinson has introduced a mixed medium creation, utilizing her cartoon skills.  Alex has a well known blog where she turns a random shape into a cartoon work of art.  The natural next step was to combine her blog cartoons with AMComix to create a very well thought out book!  It’s a “kick back to the hey day of the Choose Your Own Adventures” books from the 80s, as described by a reviewer.

AMComix has a unique children’s book starring their newest little hero: Peter Pukeko.  A line of children’s books that encourage morals, learning, interactivity, adventure, and friendship will be marketed via AMComix as “Peter Pukeko & Friends“.  Peter makes his debut in “Peter Pukeko Colours His Day” and is available on Amazon!



Peter Pukeko and Friends (Peter loves his backpack)


Peter Pukeko’s concept was born in New Zealand, combining a playful idea of the native Pukeko, with slight artistic liberties.


A New Zealand native Pukeko

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