This Shape Becomes…The Art Detective

Alex Louise Robinson has created a delightful mini-graphic novel in the classic ‘detective‘ prose.  This book was originally designated for children 7-12 years of age.  However Alex believes This Shape Becomes Volume 1 is fun for ages 8 to 80.


You are The Art Detective!

You are an art detective who is about to have the biggest case of your career. A major new exhibition is under threat.

A mysterious artist and an elusive thief will test your abilities to the limits and when you think it’s all over, it’s just beginning…

A visually appealing interactive book for children who enjoy mysteries and art. It stimulates shape recognition and encourages children to experience a variety of art mediums including Paint programs, Wacom tablets or even just pen and paper.


This book is available at in both print and e-book Kindle formats.

This Shape Becomes also has a Facebook page and blog, keeping you updated on upcoming issues and has downloadable content for children to continue their creativity with shapes.

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