Liminal Space

Welcome to the Liminal Space Series!


The Dynamic Duo – Gauge & Kalor (Concept Art Cover)

This graphic novel will touch on various topics like “conspiracy theory”, some real world in your face subjects, and also center around a strong male/female friendship.

“Two bloggers, ten thousand miles apart, discover they have the power to see the multidimensional nature of reality. Forming a unique friendship and alliance they explore and reveal the hidden structures that control Earth from this “Liminal Space”.

Realizing they can’t save this world, the duo create tools to navigate clear of the control structures, and prepare themselves to do battle with artificial and other worldly entities.

Unlike your average “Superhero”, they choose a friendship, living, and having fun over self-sacrifice.  Kalor and Gauge discover they have developed their own “superpowers” and a unique ability to access “The Rift” between this reality and others.”


Liminal Space – Cover Art

This graphic novel is done completely digitally, with computer generated graphic art programs.  Created by a writer that could only draw stick figures, comes a graphic novel done using a pure digital medium.

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