Artist Biographies

Michael Skaggs 


Michael is an American born citizen, residing in Auckland, New Zealand.

He grew up in Maine, reading comic books at a very early age in the 70s, and credits the ‘amazing artists of that age’ for the inspiration to pursue graphic art as an amateur hobby.  Michael also has a history of creative writing skills that he furthered in post education.  He was involved in sports, and enjoyed computers and comic books.
He has over 20 years of computer experience, has taught computer operation classes, and had his own computer shop in the U.S.  Michael also was a steady volunteer for the LA Humane Society in his area, where he was a “dog runner/walker” and caregiver.  Michael has a “heart for animals” and love of nature, providing a home for many stray animals over the years.

Some of his favorite comics growing up were Justice League, Superman,
Richie Rich, Green Lantern, Thor, and X-Men to name a few.

“One of the most impacting comics that I ever read was “Kingdom Come” and seeing Alex Ross bring superheroes to life.”

“The idea for Liminal Space was actually drawn from my experiences in my personal life.  Kalor and Gauge have a very strong friendship, and sorted pasts of similarities.  It’s no coincidence that their story is coming out now at this time.”

Michael is currently working on the comic/graphic novel Liminal Space, along with Alex Robinson.


Original About the Authors page from The Art Detective


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