Peter Pukeko Series


Welcome to the Peter Pukeko Series!



Peter Pukeko is a stylized cartoon character based on the New Zealand Pukeko, by an American graphic artist, Michael Skaggs.  He came up with the idea for Peter, after a few Pukekos snuck up on him while visiting the Howick Historical Village.  His first reaction was how prehistoric they appeared to him.  However, I think we can all agree, Peter does not look prehistoric.


Peter is faced with the dilemma that its a harsh grey rainy day outside.  He must find a way to make his day better.  This is where his imagination comes in, and he decides to colour his day.


Peter Pukeko is currently available on (and their foreign affiliates).  You can purchase a digital ebook here: Peter Pukeko Colours His Day

Peter Pukeko “Colours His Day” is the first book in the series.  Watch for more announcements on Peter’s new adventures here at the AMComix WordPress site.

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